Saturday, January 25, 2014

a promise is a promise

So when me and my boyfriend first started talking we decided we would write letters to each other.  One of the main reasons I wanted to write letters is because they are so personal and you can really just write what ever you feel at that moment.  I also wanted him to be able to have letters when he one day gets deployed, so whenever he needs a pick me up he will be able to look back at letters from all times of our relationships, the good and the bad.  So the promise we made is to always write a letter, I write him one and he responds and then I respond....we've started to write a list of all the dates on our bucket list, some of them include: skydiving, visiting Plattsburgh, and going to a rodeo (which was suppose to happen in January but we were already on our cruise).  I'm originally from a midwest city and he is from a mid-size town in Montana so we both have some country roots.  He can hunt and I can fish, so I think it's a perfect match :)
Anyways not only do we have a list of dates we want, we also include 2-3 questions in our letters for us to respond to and then create our own.  This might be my favorite part because we ask questions as serious as "What are your two biggest fears about me" which he answered he was afraid something bad would happen during my brain operation that I had in August and that I might make a bad choice one day that could break us apart and then we ask other questions like "What's the grimiest thing you've ever done?"  I will leave out the answers to those, because we both have our fair share of college stories, even though his college is MUCH different than mine.  We always manage to remember to date each letter and to include quotes from our favorite country songs, "Dancin in your wooden shoes in a wedding gown", one of the songs we danced to on his balcony one night in the summer.  Probably one of my favorite memories, because it was one of the last nights I would see him for a while, and it was a beautiful clear night and the stars were heavenly, I also cried a few times, but he held me close and played this song.